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Fake bearings are creating headaches for not only bearing manufacturers around the world, but also for the people conned into buying them. The obvious first thoughts of counterfeiting are toward high-end consumer goods, such as designer fashions, clothes, and purses. Even electronic items are counterfeited—for instance, items like smartphones and computers are replicated and sold in foreign countries on bidding sites like Ebay, Alibaba.

What's the problem with fake bearings?

- You're not getting what you paid for;

- The may pose a danger to operations, to finances and to human lives;

- It's often hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit bearing;

- They are part of illegal and unethical practices.

If you purchase an URB bearing and you want to check if it is genuine or not, please complete the Registration Form  with your email, company name and address.Please submit a picture of the counterfeit bearing along with the form.

The picture should include the hologram series on the packaging and the complete marking of the bearing , please see example on the left. Please make sure the size of the uploaded picture is maximum 5 MB. We'll contact you shortly with our feedback.  


                                                                    Thank you for your support.

Example picture with genuine bearing


Protecting the personal privacy of every customer, vendor, and employee is a crucial part of gaining and keeping your trust in Rulmenti S.A . As a global organization, we strive to provide a high level of privacy protection across all of our businesses and services and to deploy consistent, rigorous policies and procedures.This privacy policy (the “Policy”) serves as our commitment to you to protect the security and privacy of your personal data, and covers the following areas of privacy concerns:

-       The types of data we collect from you

-       When we collect your data

-       How we use and process your data

-       Our legal basis for processing your data

-       When and to whom we share your data

-       For how long we retain your data

-       When and to whom we transfer your data across country borders

-       The security measures we take to protect your data

-       Your rights over your data

-       The choices you have over how your data is collected and used by us

-       Who to contact and what to do if you wish to discuss with us about your data and your rights

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